Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions emphasize the shape of your eyes and make your eyes pop.

Lashes are applied one lash at a time creating thicker, longer and darker look. You can choose the thickness, color and length. Every clients lashes are customized to fit their natural lashes and give them the look they want to achieve.
No need for mascara or the removal of mascara every day. You will wake up looking done and ready for the day.

Extensions can last up to 6 weeks but maintenance is usually 3-5 weeks depending on the clients lashes and their up keep.

Synthetic Mink Full Set $275+ (2 hours)
Hybrid $275+ (2 hrs)
Classic $275+ (2 hrs)
Maintenance $75 for 30 minutes


Eyebrow Shaping $45 (20 minutes)
Eyelash Tint $45 (20 min)
Eyebrow Tint $30 (20 min)
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